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Message Subject The Real Reason The Illuminati Hates Black People Most Of All
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For the conspiracy theorists determined to associate Illuminati or Illuminatus with some crazy and conspirators worst nightmare lets put your minds at ease:

Illuminati simply means Illumined or Enlightened which means following god's path, which also means love all serve all...

Does that sound racist? Does that sound like a gov't conspiracy? does that sound like satan? does that sound like anything of ill nature?

The point is the Mind of Man is out of Control and needs to be overcome by the Heart...

When people start rumours and it creates fear of the unknown it blazes a trail of BS like wildfire, don't be manipulated by the mass lies about this simple word that has been mass used in a method of complete ignorance...

Save yourself the stress and understand the real Truth "We are One" in multiple forms of Human Kind... The only thing that separates us from each other is our separate trained brainwashed nature's that see difference in ourselves..

Overcome that and love your neighbor as you would yourself and it will all come together...
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