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Message Subject The Real Reason The Illuminati Hates Black People Most Of All
Poster Handle francinemygirl
Post Content
The real reason is because The black people ancestor cain killed his brother abel who was a keeper of the sheep. Now cain was fair skinned yet when he destroyed his brother abel he buried him in the ground the ground is brown dirt,and the sheep has wooly fur. which of god,s children on this earth has brown skin and hair like wool the dark race of children which once lived in eden which was one land mass what we know today as africa was once called nubia also egypt which we know as today was called thousands of years ago as Kemp so most of you have your history wrong and the black people were cursed because of what Cain did. and that curse been here for centuries everyone read the bible carefully it is right in there why do you see black people have the worst events happening this is very serious just ask your maker to forgive of your shortcomings. and get real with your fellow brothers and sisters.
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