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Message Subject The Real Reason The Illuminati Hates Black People Most Of All
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Lol, holy fuck. You guys are over complicating this so much. Silly monkeys, all I hear is pseudo science and racist ignorance. All of the encompassing races of homo sapiens are so intertwined now that no one is simply "black or white." How fucking ridiculous.
For starters. I'm hearing a lot of you put emphasis on the slave trade. Hey, did any of you know that black people sold black people to the white (dutch)? Hmm. That was mighty superior of those blacks to sell their own people.
If any of you actually studied the "Elite," you'd find they were mostly Jewish- not white. Yes, the color of their skin is white, but their ethnicity is Jewish. They happened to be racist towards blacks. It's pretty much that simple. I mean, did anyone even know that the Civil War was caused by the Rothschilds? They purposefully sent people to provoke others into questioning slavery. It's always about divide and conquer. They helped uplift the "black community" in America as well, taught them to feel self righteous about their race and to be angry towards whites- just to separate us, to create animosity. And guess what? It totally worked.
I'm not for either side, I strongly oppose close mindedness and am disgusted to see racism on both sides in this thread.

One thing that pisses me off more is this entitlement and oppression of the other. I don't care what color you are but when you start to say you're better than all other colors just because of some fantastical pseudo science bullshit then you're only being just as racist. Yes, blacks were the first out of Africa. So fucking what? That's like being proud of being first in line in kindergarten. It's about what you do with your life that adds meaning. There is no race on earth that is not at fault for a crime. The whites who owned slaves are not the whites that exist now. Jewish bankers have nothing to fucking do with a white american either. And lets be honest, most of the blacks and whites in America have the opposite somewhere in their gene pool. Go meet a real fucking african, they look nothing like the ones in America. Yet we still call blacks "african American." Why are whites not then called "German-American," or simply "European American."
I'm fine with being equals with all races, but I'll be damned if i here this bullshit about blacks being Gods and talking about all other races (esp whites) being shit. That is unjust, and completely unbacked by any evidence. The Annunaki, who created man, were pale fucking white, and I don't even give a shit. It doesn't make me feel any better about being white, its just a fact. We've all got potential, so stop fucking whining about past atrocities, holding onto fairy tale days of "supremacy" and go out and do something with your life if you're that damn great.
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