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Illuminati - New 20 Rupee note in Sri Lanka with an OWLE

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User ID: 1266217
Sri Lanka
02/15/2011 03:32 AM
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Illuminati - New 20 Rupee note in Sri Lanka with an OWLE
Please . I have read about the illuminati and the Owle . And that its on the dollar bill. I wants to know if someone have any idea if this new note can mean that the illuminati is in control or there project in Sri Lanka. Which is a VERY important island of Geo politicaly and martime strategic point for hundreds of years to come. Here i wrote a short history last three years what i have seen here.
[link to sv.wikipedia.org]

World bank loans.

As you might be aware of the war agains the " Hindu terrorists" i wants to say that cos we allways speaking about muslims as terrorists . A war that have been for over 40 years is now ended for one year ago. Right away the World bank started to visit sri lanka and pushing the country to accept some huge loans . And the goverment in beginning was very unhappy with the condintions and even the president "M. Rajapakasa" said in a BCC interview that he never would let the country be sold out to the forigners as he stated.

The goverment respond

After that interview i belive it was in beginning of 2009 , the UN, and European union, USA unleached a hard campaign to get the president to face trial of war crimes during the conflict. That propaganda was cabled out for 3-4 month in the world media. And suddenly.....but not suprising?

Acceptance of the loans...

The country starting to accept the huge world bank loans, but did not say anything about the conditions. And the propaganda against the president stopped !.

Allready alot of "big multi international" coropation is praying on the island. Mcdonalds, Burgerking, KFC , Pizza Hut.
Building new branchens everywhere. And supermarkets booming after the war.

State owned companies as "petrolium, Schools, Water company have been privatized . Now soon the Electric company.

The new Note with the owle

Now last week Sri Lanka launch a new note . 20 rupees and 5000 rupees note.
What is so suprising on this note is that on the 20 Rupees note a big OWLE . both on print and as water mark.
Never before the goverment have used a owle on a note. I am a frekvently seen documentaries of the free masons and such organisations and i know the OWLE means something special for them.

[link to img254.imageshack.us]

Please can you give me any comments about this?. is this a thanks to the Elite from the president , Or shuld this show that the island "world bank"/elite controls this island?.

Best regards


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User ID: 1364698
United Kingdom
05/01/2011 07:51 AM
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Re: Illuminati - New 20 Rupee note in Sri Lanka with an OWLE
Ofcourse Sri Lanka is owned by the illuminati.
Who do you think caused the 'ethnic' problem there?
The British.
I have a very strong suspicion that they deliberately mistranslated the Mahavamsa (original Pali version) into English and Sinhala, in order to turn into an anti-tamil rhetoric.
After that they can sit back and watch the moronic Sri Lankans ruin their own country
User ID: 44667403
Sri Lanka
08/06/2013 12:18 AM
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Re: Illuminati - New 20 Rupee note in Sri Lanka with an OWLE
I have seen SL President carries a mysterious gold Yantra all the time. May be it is an Illuminati symbol.