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Such strange dreams (one with Kevin Spacey mmm)...

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United States
02/17/2011 06:34 PM
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Such strange dreams (one with Kevin Spacey mmm)...
So for the past few months I have been having random "doomsday" dreams. You should also know I used to have consistent vivid dreams and they stopped about early 2009. Got them back recently. Never had "doom" dreams before...but it must also have to do with my increased research in earth science and what not.

They aren't prophetic by nature, I'm just sharing em'. I have never before experienced dreams so real -- I feel I've been able to actively control a few of them more recently than ever, like Lucid dreaming possibly?

My first "Lucid" type of dream included me being outside, the grass was green and the tree leaves were yellow and orange. I was walking in a place I'd never been before, yet I felt "at home" and not out of place. The trees were on a creek and I was walking toward the dip in the grass to go down to the creek -- all of a sudden I look up and the sky is raining fireballs and asteroids. I wasn't scared, just in awe. And all alone. I knew it was starting, whatever "it" was.

I thought this was neat...then I started having them more frequently, all based at my home with my family and friends here (some of them). And others were of me and my boyfriend rallying up our families, etc.

Last week I had another dream where it was during the day and fireballs/comets had again disrupted the world. Only this time, the GOV was looking for people still on the ground. They were rounding them up. But it was entertaining rather than scary, as for some reason I KNEW it was a dream and I was creating all new routes/running from the intentionally through weird paths in a city I had no idea about...they just couldn't get me because I "wouldn't" allow it.

So today I had another one...only this time -- it ended in water doom, and I kept "replaying it" and "feeling it". It was so odd...it started off awesome btw...

I was in my living room and Kevin Spacey just so happens to be there (he's my favorite haha). We were talking and laughing for quite a while (this was so vivid, I even sat next to him and I can see the ice in my glass I was holding), and he just starts saying how we should all get drunk together and "make some drinks"...so of course I was super pumped and excited in the dream (I'm a chick btw lol -- don't come at me with those gay remarks! ;) ). And he asks "do you have any left over 5 o clock in your freezer", which I don't buy. I even said "No, I don't and I don't get paid until tomorrow so we'll have to wait" (I really do...so it was Thursday in my dream?) -- he said "Well, I can pick you up Saturday night and we'll hang out since you have plans to go to Laura's house on Friday night" ---

All of a sudden, my dream switched to me making plans with Laura, a friend of mine. Really quick, not even quick enough to process the language, just to solidify the plan to hang out -- if that makes sense. Then boom, gone to the next.

Then it flashed to this "island" in the cold, not sure where it was on the map. But it was separated into two sections and I could only see the MAP of it. Blue, dark blue, and white outlines. So strange. Felt the need to "go there".

So then the final part...it literally switched to my bed, my my bedroom in EXACTLY how I fell asleep / was sleeping. My blinds have a bit of a crack in them so you can see out. Well in my dream, I woke up and opened my eyes (looking into my yard, which stretches to another side of the neighborhood).

I saw water start flooding all of a sudden, pouring in across extremely fast. All of a sudden it picks up speed and I realize "this is it", "this should be quick", and I can't breathe in my mind. It was the most bizarre. Then it HIT and I died -- but it didn't end, it happened AGAIN. I woke up seeing the water, and it did this three-four times...until I literally JUST woke up and wrote this. Each time was different. One time I was UNDER the water literally drowning, other times it knocked me out instantly, and another -- I was dragged until I was knocked out in my house.

All of these areas in my dream had such different atmospheres but I haven't had a vivid dream that felt so real like that since I was YOUNG.

Sorry for the super long post...kept it fresh in my mind. And these dreams are so vivid and bizarre lately -- though I'm pretty sensitive to all of the Earth changes as well.

I know some of you have posted dreams before, I'd like to hear any lately or get any input on the Lucid dreaming part...since I have not been trying/practicing techniques for Lucid dreaming other than Meditating regularly and practicing Pineal gland meditations.

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