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Subject The real Illuminati
Poster Handle Ehm
Post Content
I know something amazing...because of who I am and my role within the project between the US and my country I have the unusual power of being paid attention to when I say something...by those in the know...you know?

So because of my relativly minor role in an awesome project I have a few connections...But you guys are never gonna believe who contacted me and told me something extraordinary...about the thing in the middle east...

Remember my letters? I was so angry about my son getting kidnapped...so people I think I was manipulated...you know, to release the information.

The American government is out of the loop and I am amazed...

Should I tell you?

DO I dare?

Well, since I dropped those letters off yesterday at the Pakistani consulate here in Los Angeles I have sent the final piece of my message...so I could tell you...

But perhaps I ought to wait to let things stew a bit further...

I will tell you guys this, if the normal government theiving rats in their petty conspiracies knew what I found out, they'd have a heart attack.

I think I will tell you later who the real conspiracy is and how powerful they are.

I can tell yoou this much though; a world war really is coming, probably this year.
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