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Message Subject I can prove the Illuminati does not exist, ask me anything
Poster Handle The Dude Abides
Post Content

1.) Ufo = "Unidentified" Flying Object...therefore it is real.

2.) Illuminati...out to help people. They are here to help people keep on living (fighting for life instead of having it given to them...since we're all dead anyways, This just means only the strong will survive...btw the world around you is just a game.)

3.) God, is questionable. you can not see or hear or feel god. Therefore how would one know the existence?...it's based on faith...if you have faith in SOMETHING real or not, you will survive.

4.) Bush family...just people like you and I.

5.) media...lies to you because they need money too...if you fall for a businesses trick by buying in to their products then you are helping them acquire money for the game.

6.) The Game...just something to occupy peoples time since they get bored oh so easily...oh and it's a good way to put effort in to something and in return get something else that you like...if you'd like. Like doing favors...you do a good deed for someone, then they do something for you.

7.) Aliens...a being we are not acquainted with...possible, but not known as fact by you or me...so why worry about it?

8.) Life...who fucking cares? no one knows why we are here or when the beginning was...rather there is absolutely no way to know when everything began. It's just a vicious cycle of what if's and why's only to prove the fact that no one knows everything.

9.) If you got this far you are one depressed mother fucker...go get some help.
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