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Message Subject I can prove the Illuminati does not exist, ask me anything
Poster Handle 503
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I pity you, religious people. There is no god, the is no divine light that rules over all. There is no one answer to every mystery, every question. Man says it is the Light that brings truth and love, we say it is the light that blinds man to stumble about in ignorance. We long for the day when Man will embrace a more rational view of the world and the universe, and to leave behind these invisible monsters. These new religions are so convenient- and give such terrible punishment should one reject them. The Bible, The Koran and other religious doctrines were written by Man - not by 'God'. Religion is a safety net for those to scared to embrace the reality of the world and the universe.

For those of you who believe we exist - your are not wrong but then you are not correct either.

For those of you who believe we do not exist - your are gravely deceived. Now and for ever.

We are not evil. Only condemned and demonized by the Catholic - and to an extent - Christendom. Betrayer's of Man evolution, Deceivers in themselves, Destroyers of millions of lives. The Church is the enemy, not us and we will deal with them.
So, either join us or stay out of our way, but do not contradict us.

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