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Message Subject I can prove the Illuminati does not exist, ask me anything
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is no 'God' - it was created by men. And tell Us all this: If this is all part of some great 'divine plan', why has your church grown desperate for followers? In the last seven years alone, your church has slowly been losing church-goers and why has 'Collection' for your church been slowly getting less and less? People are losing faith in the fable, the Lie because it has no solid foundations of rationality and reason. Your church will fall, your adherents and your doctrines will burn in the flames of the 'Great Cleansing' - but not the same one you are on about, but our great cleansing of you and your church of scared old men who try to sneak out the backdoor when they have no answers to give to a world slowly realizing your lie is just that - a Lie!

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