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Message Subject I can prove the Illuminati does not exist, ask me anything
Poster Handle nkwhatchamacallit
Post Content
The government is said to be part of the illuminati. There are also signs of them in the Denver International Airport (murals, horse etc. do research on "Denver airport illuminati" if unsure). The illuminati is using a lot of media such as songs by famous artists around the world in USA and out (in USA: Kesha, Lady Gaga, Jenny Lopez, Pitbull, etc.) the illuminati made up loads of myth about Mr. Michael Jackson because he was against the illuminati when they told them their secrets, and was going to expose them. He was in perfect health (except his vitiligo) and they killed him through the use of drugs. Try killed Tupac Shakur after he made his most obvious album warning the world about them, Killuminati." The recent destructions in USA were planned by the government and illuminati in order to have an excuse to raise security. Destructions include: Sikh Temple shooting, Connecticut elementary school. Even the 2001 destruction 9/11/2001 framing Osama Bin Laden to be accused of the disasters then when really it is the government. Why cause destruction to your own government and to the world (Illuminati is worldwide, other countries, one from each at least, believes in this stupid group)? Because you can then take away our rights for weapons if more shootings and bombings happen! Then they can easily get us when we are unarmed? There are games like Zelda and wizard101 and many other popular games and a lot of showse that have illuminati symbols. Why? To get people to sell their souls and join their elite by brainwashing them through the media. Debunk all of this, please because I seriously think the pieces of info I put on here through research all fit together like a puzzle.
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