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Message Subject I can prove the Illuminati does not exist, ask me anything
Poster Handle Paul Snyder
Post Content
There is no secret society controlling world affairs. Everything that is happening is part of the divine plan. We were meant to go through eveything that is happening right now, it is all part of the great cleansing. There is no single group of people in charge of this.
Ddavid Wilcock says "The Illuminati are Gods seeking power and wealth"
Gods are nelightened beings, that means they have no ego and are in touch with the Good. Enlightened beings cause good, not evil. Why would they be interested in power and wealth?

There is no such thing as the Illuminati and I can counter any argument about this.
 Quoting: Conspiracy debunker 1224153

Mate,god created both good and evil.

If it wasn't for god,there would be no evil.

If there was no evil,people wouldn't know the meaning of good.

Your point is utterly and completely destroyed.

Have a nice day!

 Quoting: Xibalbá be

Mate, god did not create evil

Us as humans created evil in the garden of eden

Your attempt to look smart has been destroyed

I do believe in the illuminati, they try to control the minds of normal humans to make it so things go exactly how they want them too, but is it really effecting our everyday lives???

I think we shouldn't be so frightened but maybe study and find ways that this group can be defeated, because there is alot more people that are confused and not understanding about the illuminati then there is people who are official members. We as humans have great power that the illuminati is trying to keep hidden from us. We should use this power to change the world.
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