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Message Subject I can prove the Illuminati does not exist, ask me anything
Poster Handle MuslimForLife
Post Content
F*** the bible
lets go to the Qur'an
In the Qur'an it says
that Allah created satan with fire
he was just an angel but of fire
one day he betrayed Allah and said to him
"Mein Qayamat tak tumhare logon ko behkata rahun ga"
meaning till the day of judgment i will seduce ur people
so Allah said
"sache musalman kabhi nahi behkain gay"
True Beleivers will never be seduced
God Created Evil
evil is not the absense of good
its the a negative emotiong in a mans mind that triggers him to perform bad deeds while being in a state in which he beleives is not a bad thing
illuminati IS REAL
people do Worship satan and that the BOTTOM LINE
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