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Message Subject NICT Magnetosphere Guide For Solar Watchers (service eneded)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ACtually one thing to look at regards solar wind spead, its not the amount of Energy so to speak. It's the actually SPEED or VELOCITY of the particles coming from the sun and varies according to rate of ejection AND intervening space conditions. But obviously a faster wind delivers more "energy".

As an example, a car traveling at 20 mph, if it runs into a tree, the damage is far less than a car running into a tree at 60 mph. Also to consider is the density of the car. A heavier car will suffer more damage than a light car, leaving out the factors of how the car is constructed of course. So in this a faster wind with also more particles, will have more effect on the pressure image! and thus on our magnetic field. and there are many factors involved with the magnetic field itself as to how it will react, besides speed and particles. Heat is one of those. Some storms have a much higher heat with them than others, plus other space conditions.
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