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The Roar of The Seas, The Roar of The Waves and The Tumult of The Nations

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02/21/2011 03:20 PM
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The Roar of The Seas, The Roar of The Waves and The Tumult of The Nations

If you march in protest of something, make it count for what is most important. Demand that your governments surrender to Yahweh's LOZ and accept the incoming governmental rule of Christ Jesus. Any government that publicly acknowledges Christ as the Sovereign King over Yahweh's creation will be spared from the coming wrath.

Although the compliance will end that governmental rule, it will represent a stepping stone for the other nations to follow suit, and could result in a more peaceful transition. It is because hearts are not directed to Yahweh that She must destroy those resisting, but that is not what She desires. She wants all to gain Salvation. It is possible to alter this world of peoples date with extermination if each person wakes up to what is just ahead if they do not. As Yahweh once spared a city in ancient times from Her wrath because they relented and turned their hearts to Her, it can happen on a worldwide scale in these end times. If the people worldwide turn to Christ in TRUTH, you can alter the punishment phase to be meted out - only to the remaining few human resisters and Satan's spiritual allies.

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