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Islamic Revolution Cover up for Illuminati Domination

Banki Moon
User ID: 1268593
02/22/2011 04:46 PM
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Islamic Revolution Cover up for Illuminati Domination
So you put the middle east in revolution, then you take control of the revolutionnaries with the islamic religion.
Then everyone must obey the new "maitreya", a high islamic priest that is yet to come...
This maitreya will be the antichrist and instaure:
end of education replaced by worshipping
All the non believers are killed, 80 % of the population
All serve the maitreya son of God and don't ask questions.

And the illuminatis keep knowledge for themselves and manipulate everyone for their own good in secret, until the masses are dumb enough to worship them as gods, since that is their real goal, being worshipped and treated as gods!
They want to create two distinct races, a god race and a slave race.

Now the maitreya knows that he must instaure some credible economic and political choices to be credible. He will instaure local agriculture, traditionnal medicine, the end of money, that will be replaced by tickets( each person as a limited number of food ticket, product tickets, etc...)
So its a dictaturial religious communism.

The illuminatis will keep hidden all of the technology, hidden for some generations until everyone forgot it existed.Then they will come back with it as gods.

Since the illuminatis don't want to wait they will use brainwashing and erasing of memory to their slaves.

So maybe in 2 years, this system is in place!
So we have very little time...
One thing is sure, the antichrist isn't there yet!
This may seem like a ridiculous story, but it somewhat seems logical when we see whats hapenning

And this plan will never work because evil always lose...
But massive destruction that always work...violin

The more people know, the harder is it for them to instaure their NWOhorn