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Message Subject Don´t you think that Illuminati & their New World Order has a specific purpose & simply has to happen!?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Illuminati means ENLIGHTENMENT

the purpose is to help evolve humankind back to 1,000 year plus lifespans and harmonious living with the earth. To create a human with no need of laws and regulations cause they are trust worthy and have the law written in their heart

To unite Man with God and God with Man until the two are inseparable.

I guess Edward believes the end justifies the means. Never mind that all his Satanic buddies torture their young children to split their mind and make them into mkultra slaves, brutally murder infants, children, and men and women in demonic sacrifices, eat the flesh of children, drink their blood, destroy the Earth's natural resources, oppress the poor and needy for their own personal gain. Yep, good ole Edward here is fine with all that death and destruction, which he calls enlightenment.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1274757

I believe nothing of the sort. Its all rumors and lies. Only cruel and undeveloped people will harm their own children, Even the Bible says, the Wicked love their own. Theres also generational curses of abuse that one can break off anytime and reach for God and his Goodness.

Youre falling for superstition that go back to the days of Salem Witch Trials, sending innocents to their death out of fear, lies and rumors.

People seek to blame and create hysteria out of what they do not understand.

Im all for Gods Kingdom

By "God" who are you referring to? Jesus Christ, Our Savior or Lucifer the fallen angel?
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