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Message Subject Don´t you think that Illuminati & their New World Order has a specific purpose & simply has to happen!?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The Illuminati doesnt exist. I do agree that God uses the world's powerful leaders to accomplish his purpose. But there is no secret society. I do believe that God wanted us to invent the theory of the Illuminati in order to temporarily answer questions for which we are not ready to know the real truth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1233447

Why can't there be secret-societies though ? Wouldn't this allow God to further show us the intricate and mastered evils evident in this World ? To be able to know the full extent of evil that people are willing to go to, planning for the domination of the World even though they won't succeed in their plans ? What about this makes it not match with the Bible ?

 Quoting: MuzicSoulWorldly

The main problem with the Illuminati conspiracy is that there are conflicting thories. On one extreme people believe they are evil and worship satan, while other extreme believe them to be Gods and, as stated by another memeber, to bring us enlightenment.

In order for this secret society to pull the stunts they have pulled, and do them so perfectly so that their outcome is exactly as desired, its members would have to posses supernatural powers. Its much easier to believe that God, or whatever it is that gives us life, has a destiny for the Earth, and some people have had the luck (and at the same time the misfortune) to have a powerful influence in the world. They are not part of a society.

I will find a link showing scientific proof that the future dictates the present, not the other way around. This means that everything that has happened in history was meant to reach that future point which has been created by the Allmighty. So all events and people are part of a universal purpose, not a purpose created by a small group of people..

We are all co creators, everything that is happening now occurs so that our thought creations are manifested. This is the Law of the universe.
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