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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
wow, I have been chasing some weird personal thoughts - this world we live in has taken on a new form to me: I see all single line vectors now. why? a vector is a simple "line" it has "two opposite ends" and "center". no matter how long the line is, the center is always at the center (rel.) that said, we live i na world of pure opposites, starting with X,Y,Z, (3D space) each "axis" (vector) is two opposites ends and a center (up / down - left - right) no matter the degree that each end extends out, they are always 1) opposite and 2) balanced.

now, that is all a cool little construct sitting there in the table but it cannot evolve it seems (that design can't) and needs some sort of "Catalyst" action to cause the whole design to churn a little.. mainly the churning consists of "some force" pushing various vectors "off center" and "karma"(as we call it) comes in to "re balance" things.

There is where I see a role for "evil" (it is the opposite of good after all?) evil (and good) push back and forth (catalyze each other?) and "Cause evolution to occur" (changes, growth, overcome)

Consider this process like weight lifting, it is "opposing force we choose to resist against" as a result of our interaction with some opposing force (weight of dumbells) we grow stronger from it.. we evolve...?

now, remove the opposing the opposing force and the vector design is lost. It seems, in this plane, to "exist" involves two forces (that old duality thang is THE DESIGN and no one's fault, and not even an issue)

I think, ultimately, as we learn each side (we are now) with ..cough cough "help" from illuminatti "guidance"?... we evolve, and grow and are pushed (opposed) into evolving weather we like it or not.

now, what is the purpose of that mechanism? I think.. ultimately, we will loose the concept of "that side or this side" and use BOTH sides. Like a bird - it flies using "two opposing forces" - it's wings! we have wings - see them in gubberment? - notice they "flap all over and cannot seem to fly"? (yet, still learning how to possibly?) I think the goal we have as a race will be someday to combine both opposites, together and use them both as some sort of leap like 1 + 1 = 3?

I dunno... without opposites, we would lay here and never grow, never evolve. see the egyptian Winged Solar Disk? (maat / balance) it seems that is the design, and until we embrace both ends of the opposites, at the same time, we will always be out of balance.....


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