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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Illuminati means ENLIGHTENMENT

The purpose is to help evolve humankind back to 1,000 year plus lifespans and harmonious living with the earth. To create a human with no need of laws and regulations cause they are trust worthy and have the law written in their heart

To unite Man with God and God with Man until the two are inseparable.

You and anyone else can say these things... But when you observe their actions, the hypocrisy of your statement shows.

Example... If they're a group of good people ,why do they cause so much death and destruction? Wars, famine, genocide... I know they do it and how they do it so I'm right about them.

But how can you justify the murder of innocent children?

I'm very interested in how you're going to try to sell this death cult as something good and righteous.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 684907

Both forces, Duality are allowed to exist for a time, cause it does represent our true nature. Our Amygdala core brain governs flight or fight. To tame the Dragon is the goal of our Inner Michael.

All things are in a cycle. We are the offspring of former wipe outs and survivors. It is said we are the forth group of humanity on earth.

Its beyond our understanding if this resulted in stronger offspring or not. But we have to be assured, the Goal IS. PEACE ON EARTH.

Not sure how anything you said justifies the murder of innocent children...

And it seems like you're selling the "war is peace, slavery is freedom" doublethink.

If you want to sell this stuff to people like me, you'll need to come up with something better than that Ed, sorry.
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