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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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holy crap - the goal is "the third pillar"? damn I been wondering what in the hell is the third pillar (yea, they all have symbolic lower level names too) but the masonic third pillar that sort of comes outa no where with J & B aaaah -

so, this "thought" (the opposites is correct, embrace them both, they are both correct when viewed" at the same time, together, as ONE combined force) yea, I think the black and white squares indicate "this the damn way it is, it is two forces, they are opposite, they CO exist and live with it (after learning each side, with time and "Experience" as you say which is what time allows... - a few tries...)

I see we (I) have to accept "evil" - more... maybe relabel it to something more useful? Accept the opposite, try to understand it's purpose so I can accept it 9as I think I am doing now) rather than "remove evil from my life" mroe as repackage it, combine it with good, and use both of those forces at the same time. seems the "Evil ones" are doing this? after all, our lifestyle is sure not living shacks. (although, some choose to I think - maybe more relative in nature really, we cant compare countries accurately) almost like the "Evil ones" offer 50% of each of the forces (good / evil) and we DO evolve (we are, we have and will keep doing so) and yea they do have some darkness to it, I would expect to see it. darkness s simply an opposite force of light though and ALLOWS light to even exist (I think?)

pretty cool, I red your threads always start to end and find it interesting that today, I am not banned (as I usually am for even answering a PC tech question in here haha - today is my lucky day to talk to an initiated one. I am sort of self initiated, I dotn follow the initiations (experiences actually) so I don;t evolve the way the say masons do or something like that... hermetics, esoterics, light study - cover a ton of cultures (because we can these days)

its all very interesting.

I will stand with my BOTH forces theory and try to understand both sides or all forces and never try to be on one side or the other - Out of Balance - Maat says "fall over" bird says "I can't fly with one wing"

we need Evil (opposite ends must be understood and accepted - or else... fall over...)

Can I hear more please? I think it is best I discover it myself - sort a personal initiation "to experience" (and learn if I can)



 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1153486

Yes, the Key is to balance LOVE and WISDOM (intelligence) People often make a intellectual decision with no heart, Or a emotional one with no street smarts or caution involved.

When you balance, it is why the Initiate is called an Androgyne.

Kether is the crown that is under the Ain Soph Aur, We first recognize God as beyond our understanding, But that he is pure light. Our Crown is our rays of Enlightenment that streams forth from our head when we learn to bride the Above and the Below

Daath is the hidden Sephiroth where it is said Lucifer initiates us, Its the forbidden knowledge, the temptations to "Know" and the understanding of why there is both good and bad thru the world. We ride on the camel thru the wilderness, The HIgh Priestess grants us entry between the pillars which is actually the discovery of the Middle Pillar

Tipareth is the sphere of the Sun God. We understand the archetype of the Sun, We are all miniature suns going thru the Sun Ecliptic of the Zodiac year after year until we die. The Immortal one when he/she is finished with incarnations gets to escape off this wheel and into eternal life

Yesod is the Sphere of the Moon. We understand that there is light even in the darkness, and we adjust the control of our emotions accordingly to be strong in the face of lifes experience. The Moon governs who we are inside when we think no one is looking. In Babylon, The Moon God was named SIN. so we can learn from this.. that even in the darkness of night, there must be a little light to shine.

Going from Yesod to Malkuth , one obtains the Universe and the Kingdom, One Bridges Heaven to Earth. What Began with Saturn ends with Saturn. The Tau is our Cross to bear and we become a Son of God.
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