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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is no point in trying to contribute or reasonably question Ed when he gets on his podium. He doesn't know how to hear anything but his own soothing theory of everything.

He does indeed think he has mastered all there is to master. His false modesty can't hide his arrogance. He must start these discussions to distract himself from his inner anxiety and feelings of emptiness and fear.

Personally, I've done the hard inner work on the old inner guilt and shame thing. Stop dumping your judging paradigm on everyone here. That's your own baggage. It's an old model. Why don't YOU start doing the real work of healing and forgiving yourself, instead of preaching to those who aren't broken to begin with?
 Quoting: Jovian 1004493

We are all broken, every single one of us... Revelation has already come true, Gods given the Iron Rod to his Son and he smashed the pottery to pieces.

Youre being hypocritical in your own letter to me. Youre putting me on the spot while telling me to focus on myself, Its human nature to accuse another what we ourselves are doing, Im sure I do the same, lol

And I havent mastered all there is to master, Goodness, I have thousands more years to go !!!

Geez... lol..
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