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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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whoa, the 3 pillars are for the The spheres of the Tree of Life diagram pillars - wow too cool! thanks ( I dont actually wanna be a mason, it sorta freeks me - yea ok im outa balance I dont seek evil and bad shit happens instead (unexpected karma / equal amount of negative energy to every positive action I make...) same thing I think? i can "inject 50% evil" or "suffer a negative effect" (either one) as a result of any positive action put forth? or am I waaaay off here? I see some sort of balance must be offered...one way or another. If i do only good.. negative stuff happens as a result of the dual energies... if I PURPOSELY do 50% good and 50% "evil" (opposing something good?) then I am "in balance"? - sounds WEIRD yet it sorta fits? haha help us!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1153486

Yes, Be sure though that "evil" is only directed to other "evil" so to speak, lol.. Its still against ones morality to harm innocents. Think of it this way, Satan was the Accuser. Think of demons that are allowed to test what is already in someones heart.

There was a story once of a few magicians, into Magick, A angel appeared and told them to swap wives as in sexual partners., They actually carried it out like a commandment ! What happened was that it wasnt a demon doing a bad thing, but a messenger testing out, how stupid they were !

Being TOUGH LOVE can be called evil by some, There are many that think the death penalty is wrong in all cases when in fact the particular person is so far gone, its illogical to keep them alive. Most reasonable people can make fair judgements.

What is evil? Is destruction of property always evil? Well, take a demolishion of old buildings to make a new one, Sometimes a violent act makes way for the new. Its all on perspective. Its why one must balance love and wisdom

Parents do the same thing when they force a kid thru rehab when the kid wants to be left alone to do continue a drug addiction. Parents that might call the cops on their own kids when all else has failed is a example...

Defending yourself against a intruder is a easy example as well.

Biggest realization of all, Is knowing in all of us, there is selfishness and their is capability of doing bad...In circumstances, we can switch roles and be the intruder, we can be the perpetrator easily if conditions warranted it, We have to KNOW THYSELF to always be humble.

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