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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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yea, i agree - I think we all have 50% of each force inside us, BY design, we have a thing called "time" also now which allows us to try out the forces and see what happens? - as far as demons and they "offer" - YES! it seems most evil comes as some form of "offer" and we "choose" (or not) it seems almost, to "Fall for evil" at some point in our growth path is normal and even desired (like fall over as a child when learning to walk, later comes balance AFTER we fall over enough) - maybe even some past life or something? the fact we "Can experience it, so we then KNOW" is the key I think? to experience BOTH sides (good / evil - pick your own sets of opposites and go try both sides) is the main goal. at any given moment in time we could be considered "good" or "evil" but we dont live in a snapshot of time, we live in the combined experiences of everything we have experienced up till this point in our lives. Data/information / lessons are "serial in format" ...serial meaning it strings into our existence a piece at a time like a modem. because of that, we cannot "instantly know" and even if we could instantly know... would we not prefer to EXPERIENCE ALL SIDES so we KNOW all sides and therefor KNOW ourselves? to instantly know everything would be to learn nothing (to me) to just suddenly be loaded with a ton of data - that is "program" and involves no choice - it is like a simple machine - do as programmed... seems we cannot just be instantly loaded with all the correct data or else we are nothing more than a machine?

so, we have to flop around, for a long time, experiencing all sides and then we will "know" - same as if ya do a puzzle, and get stumped, and try every single angle for ever, then wham, you suddenly solve it and you KNOW everything about that puzzle after that experience.

side note - I consider myself pure energy, and I am involved in "experiencing" ...life and death ...of "cycles" and all cycles have same pattern - birth, life, death (like a sine wave) it's no my design... its "the design I see" the Goal: Experience, learn, grow - it happens in an "opposites chamber" (our world) something

bout liek that....

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