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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle Izaak
Post Content
Look: everywhere there is fear, misery, diseases. Life is dying on this planet. Now you Illuminati's want to kill 80% of the population because it's "logical".
How about sharing, solidarity? 1% of people have 40% ressources, that's why the world is in a bad situation.
You are blind, and it's very sadening.
Maybe you have put a lot of effort in your plan. Sacrificed your life for it. But I don't pity you, for you did that fueled by fear. You never had the courage to give everything you had and ask none in return. Only Jesus did so, in hope that people would give freely in return.
But maybe you are too weak to give freely, and that is why Jesus is coming back to give energy to all.
Until he come, expect more violence pain and suffering from the logical Illuminatis , from people like you
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1274929

Illuminati is like any other institution, it's been corrupted by men. The true "Illuminati" are the men who have remained pure through the perils of time. True "Israel" is not a government but a nation of men who have kept G-d's law in their heart, it can be anyone who has circumcised their heart. Many churches claim to be the chosen one but the truth is not in a singular church but in a body of people throughout the world who have understood the path of Christ(Illuminated).
 Quoting: Izaak

Yes, A++++++


Thank You for that image! Those images were revealed in a dream today! er yesterday!
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