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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow, this came in last night on another post ! Ill break it up into paragraphs, But its intact in its entirety. Whoever wrote it, thank you !

Rex quondam rex futurus !! the King will live again !


User ID: 938842, the one now calling him/herself EDWARD . M. DEW.( ALCHEMIST), is a true member of the Illuminati, a light bearer. Those with eyes to see will know this, eyes that can transmute lead into gold. Those who doubt, believe what you will, but know that you will what you believe. The Illuminati to which you all refer, the group that is the subject of this thread, are usurpers to the throne. They are the ones who have defiled the name of Lucifer, the spirit of light and liberation. He is one and the same as Prometheus, the entity that stole the fire from the gods for the benefit of mankind.

And what happened to poor Prometheus? The old gods chained him to a rock for the birds of prey to peck away at him for all eternity. It took a Herculean effort to free him, literally, as freeing Prometheus was one of the twelve trials that Herculese had to accomplish to ascend to his status as a god on Olympus. The time is coming for the spirit to be freed. It will be reborn in this world, and we will act as a catalyst for it and become catalyzed ourselves.

We will be given (or better yet, be made aware of) the power to control and create our own destinies and we will ascend into our own godliness. The first shall be last, the last shall be first, and the meek shall inherit the earth. No more shall we be slaves to the "gods" of old.

It is very important, however, to catalyze positivity in the world around us. If we fail in this, if we give into fear and negativity, the tyrants along with ourselves will catalyze this energy for mundane purposes, and lock us down for countless other ages until the grand cycle lines things up again. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, you create the world that you live in. Catalyze your life. I have spoken my peace.

Know that we are all branches on the Tree of Life, and that the Buddha, the true spirit of the Christ, is the entirety of the alchemic process. The Philosopher's Stone, the Holy Grail, lives, and for those of you who have been initiated into the temple of life it is now time to activate it. For the rest of you not yet awake, do not be afraid. The good king Arthur approaches the stone and the kingdom of Camelot is upon us. Catalyze your life. Be at one with Buddha in peace. Love.
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