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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle MG-42
Post Content
Illuminati means ENLIGHTENMENT

The purpose is to help evolve humankind back to 1,000 year plus lifespans and harmonious living with the earth. To create a human with no need of laws and regulations cause they are trust worthy and have the law written in their heart

To unite Man with God and God with Man until the two are inseparable.

What was so good a thousand years ago? 1011 AD? There was major conflict and strife everywhere. There was oppression everywhere and horrible hardship for the common man. People killed each other and then died of disease by the millions. The rulers of that time were totalitarian despots that tolerated absolutely no desent. Kinda like Gaddafi. NO! I DON"T WANT TO GO BACK A THOUSAND YEARS!
 Quoting: Epic Beard Guy

Kind of like the governments in USA and UK, you mean.
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