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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle Motion & Rest
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Remember those that thought that had a truth to share didn't give a damn about the outcome.
 Quoting: ~~Moriel~~

If you tell everyone what you really think then they think you are a whack job!

Unfortunately, that was not always the case. They were forced into hiding. That could just mean keeping things to yourself. If you told anyone back then, you risked being arrested, hanged, burned, put on the rack, and whatever other kinds of torture they could think of.

Just google torture devices.

So, they really didn't have much of a choice. You can't reach alot of people if you're dead or silenced.

But when the time came, they did speak out!
 Quoting: domesticangel

Fortunatly we no longer live in those times, as long as it does no harm to others we are free to speak our truth. You can say look at what happened to those, or see what horrible things happened and that keeps us in fear to this day, but the truth is we live in day and time where we are allowed to do this and much more...no excuses.

As far as people thinking i'm a whackjob.....SO WHAT!!!...i could give a care less what people think of me.
 Quoting: ~~Moriel~~

That's not true. We are NOT allowed to say whatever we want. And if you get too mouthy, the people that don't want you to talk will silence you. Just ask the whistleblowers! Oh wait, you can't, cuz they're dead or locked up in psych wards.

Do you have children?

What if you were in a custody battle and your spouse tells the judge about your beliefs and that you are paranoid because you believe in all the conspiracies?

Do you think a judge would grant custody to someone they (society) consider crazy?

And saying you don't care is not true. You care what your children think of you. You care what your parents think of you. And you could risk being fired because of your beliefs, so you'd care what your boss thought of you too!
 Quoting: domesticangel

Well I'm glad you care what people think about you and how you will censor and conform yourself in society, because you are scared to speak against society to it's face. WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK!! I know who I am, so why should I care what others think of me?
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