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Message Subject ****The Real Purpose of the Illuminati ********
Poster Handle RIGHTEOUS_
Post Content
Here we see the Alignment of the Planets Jupiter; Uranus; Mercury; Mars; Neptune; Venus; and Pluto.

It is a Seven Planet Alignment;

The number God is proud with.

The Planets are Aligned with the Sun.

It is Seen from Planet Earth;
With ForeFront Dimensional Viewing.

 Quoting: RIGHTEOUS_

This planetary line up has given me details on the next step. 2011 is my year, and the year of the Illuminati !

Once the Alignment is out of our way, and has come to pass (by the middle of march 2011).

Then we can set our focus on the next events which is looking forward in seeing the king who will be with us.

The mayans knew about this, thats why their Calendar stops on that exact date.

Adam also knew about this date, but he did not want to stay alive for this long, other wise he wouldn't of died.
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