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Message Subject The illuminati attacking charlie sheen
Poster Handle klc_infowarrior
Post Content
I really feel like he is speaking against the dark world controlling Hollywood. The end times are near..I see what is in the bible coming to life.!We all need to pray.
 Quoting: FightThePower 1277095

Hes the one thats dark, Cocaine and Prostitutes, He needs serious help.

oh please.

you believe those garbage gossip rags????? as a source of truth?????

Charlie Sheen is a 9/11 Whistleblower who is now being character assassinated by the "powers that be" hence the illuminati (nwo, banking elite, etc etc etc) the ones who engineered the 9/11 attacks.
 Quoting: klc_infowarrior

If hes so concerned about 9/11, why did he divorce two wives, leave behind precious children without a Dad and party with hookers?

He even admits so in his wacky interviews, Bragging about flying to Bahamas with his 'Hotties" he called them.

again your repeating gossip & rumors from TMZ and Hollywood Scoop. Is this your source of truth & news??

if you can't see that Charlie was poking fun at the garbage that was said about him in these gossip rags then there is no hope for you. sorry.
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