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Message Subject The illuminati attacking charlie sheen
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

If hes so concerned about 9/11, why did he divorce two wives, leave behind precious children without a Dad and party with hookers?

He even admits so in his wacky interviews, Bragging about flying to Bahamas with his 'Hotties" he called them.

again your repeating gossip & rumors from TMZ and Hollywood Scoop. Is this your source of truth & news??

if you can't see that Charlie was poking fun at the garbage that was said about him in these gossip rags then there is no hope for you. sorry.

 Quoting: klc_infowarrior

You dont need a rag mag, Sorry the truth hurts, The women he partied with took pics of their woo hah and posted it on twitter , You see the inside of his house littered with booze bottles. the cashing of a check that his babes did in payment for sleeping with him could easily be verified.. You fail. sorry,

Sometimes the truth is so bad. Hearing you is like listening to a child defend a adult that sexually abuses them, Truth hurts.

if your talking about the photos with the look-a-like with mangled teeth...LOOK AGAIN... a simple google images search will show you that charlie sheen does not have mangled teeth like the dude with the hookers.

do you research.
 Quoting: klc_infowarrior

So wheres the REAL Charlie Sheen? With one of his wives , and playing with his children? Whatever, I wanna be in two places at once ! I want clones of me walking around, that way one of me can be a Angel and the other one of me can be a devil. haha.
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