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Message Subject The illuminati attacking charlie sheen
Poster Handle Rasta
Post Content
It is a fact. If you take just one second to research history and you will see that your life, your mind, and your children, are under full mind control of the evil one. Im going to give you the answer so you can have the strength to look inside your heart something Alex And Charlie are not giving you. If you had the solution you would never have the problem. so listen very carefully. Pray every morning when you wake up first thing(do you want truth or not) its not just about there truth out side of your self you also have a truth in you, but fear of the world will keep you from seeing it. ask God (christ) to give you the strength turn your will and life over to his care and you will become strong enough to see. When you see it there is three things that can happen you can lye down, you can go crazy, you can create and use your gifts. cool2cool2
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