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Message Subject BATTLE CRY OF THE ILLUMINATI !! .......To All Initiates !
Poster Handle Babylon
Post Content
We as humans are extremely destructive and like to blame others for our own wrong doings. We learn very early on to pass on the blame. We will not see help if it hit us in the face, for we see ourselves as all that is and the ultimate truth, and the centre of the universe. We make riots to help each other and then we start to fight each other for stupid reasons.

Humans are not God or any other being within creation...for God is creation combined into one. The ultimate source of all is pertained in light.

The first thing to a future in harmony is to come together and work alongside others with different values in a collaborative way. The biggest challenge of all is to accept difference and to value each other for what we can contribute separately, yet harmoniously together.

I think a lot of enlightened people have tried to bring this to people in the past and it had failed miserably, for the simple fact that we as humans are too blinded by our own egotistical mind to want to take on the opinions of others as valuable.

Looking at life through a separatist way of thinking only creates destruction. We cannot all be God, and we are not. We are but a part of the whole, and in order to move the whole into the future we have to work together in unison to achieve a better world.

Looking at the world today...do you really think we can achieve such a thing? Or are we too far gone?
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