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Message Subject BATTLE CRY OF THE ILLUMINATI !! .......To All Initiates !
Poster Handle Babylon
Post Content
Sadly we have not learnt to value life here, or so it seems. What would it take for a person to learn to value what they have?

We are faced everyday with challenges and yet nothing, not even war wakes us up to reality, that we do it time and time again.

Even when I read online, most look foward to the end of the world. They joke and mock like they are bored and will for something exciting to happen.

I wonder if that would really be so if such a major event would come our way?

Like for instance the quake in Christchurch...most see it on television. Some people come onto the forums to talk about their ordeal. Yet people respond to them as if they are but a movie they are watching, totally disconnected from the pain that others feel on this earth.

Maybe we watch too many movies... ;). Pun intended.

That we now want to live what we see in the movies. We have become our own drama movie with no plot line.

What will be the end?
It would not be good movie if the end would be already known.
That would mean we would be 'Knowing'. :)
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