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Proof They Know About Planet X


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United States
03/03/2011 02:23 AM
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Re: Proof They Know About Planet X
Saying that anything about the nature or frequency of comets in the solar system implies a "jovian mass" planet near the "oort cloud" is a non sequitur. There is no "oort cloud", comets don't need a "deep freeze" that they can be stored in for eons before they are "perturbed" into the inner solar system. Comets are NOT made of ices and "volatiles", they are rocks.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/23/2011 11:17 PM
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Re: Proof They Know About Planet X
The fact is that a celestial body IS messing with the weather/ecosystems/earthquakes on planet earth. Gore tried to say it was due to global warming. This is now so obvious that it was a cover up to buy time.
 Quoting: alphaprime

Pray tell... exactly how can a distant planet effect our weather? Please be specific.
 Quoting: Menow 1278463

The black hole at the galactic equator has exerted significantly increasing strain on us since the 50's.

The hole in the magnetosphere began at a 90 degree angle to the Galactic equator.

All the alleged Nibiru activity could be the EQ and a long worked scam by the Germans who had the Sumerian Seals for 100 years before Sitchen figured them out. Maybe the Germans scammed us. Have the Seals been dated sufficiently ?
 Quoting: ill human not i.

The earth is roughly 26,400light years from the center of the galaxy which is equal to (2.5 times ten to the 20 meters). The force of gravity is given by GMm/r^2 when one carries out the calculation you find that the force exerted by the SMB is only 5.27 times ten to the negative fifteen newtons. So as you can see the force exerted is not enough to have any noticeable effects on the earth.