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Beat Freemasonic Internet Prostitution Sting with a Contact

User ID: 1273394
United States
02/26/2011 08:56 PM
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Beat Freemasonic Internet Prostitution Sting with a Contact
Contract for Escort Service
Money is exchanged for conversation and companionship. The terms and conditions of this contract start after signing and to the time one party leave the premise of this property.
I.No payment, or offering money or property for sexual services. Sexual services include masturbation, vagina intercourse, fondling, oral sex, and anal intercourse.
II. No written, verbal, or implied offer trading money for sexual services.
III. No offer or possession of illegal drugs or control substance prohibited by law.
IV. No offering or committing any acts which is consider against the law.
VI. Both parties are 18 years old or older.
VII. Both parties do not have diplomatic or government immunity for governmental operation purpose. Government immunity is defined as a person can commit an act without prosecution which an ordinary citizen do not have the privilege to commit a crime and will not face prosecution if there is clear and convincing evidence that they commit a crime. Exception: With a warrant by a court and the warrant states that person reasonably believe base on the evidence that person committed a crime or crimes. The warrant must also state that the person must sign this contract and engage in escort session to gather the evidence for the purpose of investigation.
If anyone sign this contract who is under 18 years old or have government immunity, the other party to this contract may ask the court to award him or her $50,000. If one party violates any terms and conditions, of this contract, the other party can ask the court to award him or her $10,000. Any illegal activities or illegal solicitation will be reported to law enforcement. If the law enforcement refuse arrest or charges are drop because of personal status, it will be consider that person have government immunity. The courts of the State of __________________ County of_____________________ have jurisdiction over this contract.

Client Escort

Date_________________ Location_____________________________

User ID: 1278372
United States
02/26/2011 08:57 PM
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Re: Beat Freemasonic Internet Prostitution Sting with a Contact
or you could beat one by not paying women for sex.