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Alice In Wonderland

Anonymous Coward
08/10/2005 01:45 AM
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Alice In Wonderland
Greetings of Peace,

“Alice in Wonderland”

Been a month since the ‘7-7-7’ bombings down in London town, and the politicians are already rolling out new anti-terrorism legislation. Perhaps I was a touch naïve, thinking that this grisly brand of frustration and pain wouldn’t show up here in my new home base, and just a bit wishful that the Brits wouldn’t fall for the same kind of rush job on the Patriot Act that the U.S. Congress fell for (no one read it before the vote). What was even stranger was that I saw a few emails floating around before July 7th and a few after it that promised that some sort of spiritual activation was due on that day, a day made into a triple-digit portal via numerology (2005 equals 7). We got quite an activation all right. As Ariel has been fond of saying ´wherever you shine a big light, you get a big shadow.´ Fortunately no one on the planet has it in for the Scots (not even the IRA!) and for that I am most grateful.

How much damage these acts of pain and rage cost us all is in evidence immediately. Primary was the loss of life, and then the disbelief by the survivors of the accused that the ones they knew so well could have actually done it. Then comes the families of the ‘victims’, struggling to come up with some reason for the carnage that struck their lives so suddenly. What is little remembered now is how Live 8 and G8, both of which faded into the background almost immediately after the bombings. Convenient, huh? No one paid much attention to what the G8 came up with after all the fuss and bother. The result was a watered down commitment to aid and debt-forgiveness to Africa, a wimpy promise to fund more research on global warming, and complete non-action on fair trade over free trade in Africa and elsewhere. Vanished…poof! Bob Geldof and Bono put on their best faces while Tony Blair vowed that terrorism would never change ‘our’ way of life. Ho hum, another day in the surreal world of the ‘collective insanity,’ as Eckhart Tolle calls it.

So the solutions are skewed toward more laws, more restrictions, and no budging from the positions that have given the world the debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan. The rhetoric is dulling the minds of millions. Don’t let your way of life be swayed, there’s some serious shopping to do!

HANG ON FOLKS! No, I haven’t surrendered to cynicism. Nor have I traded in compassion for satirical barbs. But watch the surrealistic parade for long enough, and it feels just as helter-skelter and bizarre as the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, and just as difficult to track as well when the meaning of words and events keep shifting. Alice in Wonderland is all around us, a product of our collective and personal images, images made up of the distortions in our minds. Ahh, and just what are the distortions and where did they come from you ask? Please be patient, dear reader.

In the movie ‘The Matrix’, the character Morpheus tells Neo that if he takes the blue pill, he’ll show him just how deep the rabbit hole goes. That is what’s happening right now on a collective level. Everyone is choosing the blue pill or the red pill. The choice is too awaken from the nightmare, and end it, or to continue on inside of it asleep. Everyone is involved, and no one is excluded. The crazy karma quilt that’s been woven from the past is unraveling at the speed of light. We are all Alice, comfortably numb up until the moment when we chased the rabbit down into the hole of our unconscious minds, where we are now discovering all sorts of strange characters and hidden surprises. We are all haunted by the incessant question of the Cheshire Cat, ‘Whoooooo, arrrrre, youuuuuuu??’ We’ve discovered at the Tea Party that things are not as them seem to be, and that words and perspectives are tricky and treacherously unreliable in the search for Truth. The Red Queen runs the rigged game, and shouts ‘off with their heads!’ at everyone who attempts to step out of line. Why is it that we feel compelled to play? Who likes whacking a hedgehog with a croquet mallet anyway?

Like Alice, we aren’t too sure at the moment exactly what to believe in. Years ago, I was initially shocked when Archangel Ariel stated that beliefs are a poor substitute for reality, and are only useful as rungs on the ladder to full awareness. After all, aren’t our beliefs and perceptions exactly what create our reality? That dear reader, is apparently part of the problem, and like any iceberg, the 10% you see is dwarfed by the 90% you don’t see. Welcome to Wonderland!

We are all part of the solutions on this planet, and we are all part of the problems. What I mean by this is that ‘we see but through a glass darkly’ as William Blake, the spiritual poet put it, and we fail to recognize that whenever we take a position within duality it also magnifies an unhealed opposite somewhere within us, and if it can exist in us, it can also be projected outside of us. The distortions of the mind, whether personal or collective, are the same mind. Even in modern spirituality we seem bent on reducing or dissolving ‘evil’, and creating ‘good.’ Same old game, same old result.

Dualism and the world of images and forms are undergoing a dynamic shift, what Archangel Ariel would lovingly call a ‘parallel merge.’ Sometimes these merges feel like a collapsing, and can get pretty rocky. Ariel’s message is to get ‘beyond belief’, and follow Spirit without hesitation. In my guidebook, this is now showing up as a strong urge to see all thoughts, beliefs and forms as mere tools (even the spiritual ones) within the game, but by no means am I to believe in their reality any longer. To be truly free, to transcend the Red Queen’s game, is to declare to all the players that the game isn’t real, or necessary for that matter.

What’s a lightworker to do? Well, a useful place would be to accept that you are divine, perfect love, and beyond all positions, problems, reactions, and solutions. Cultivate a habit of complete non-attachment to the images of the collective mind, both inward and outward. GET AUTHENTIC! Get real about you as a Spirit. Yes, accept the body, and physicality, and all others in your life, but begin to see all of it as YOU, without an ounce of guilt or shame! That way you won’t be tempted by three things. One, to judge others’ behaviors or the situations you see as real. Two, the impulsive obsession to ‘fix’ things or people. Three, the impulsive obsession to ‘fix’ your personality, especially from the outside in. Instead, ask your I Am to change what you cannot see or know (the 90% unseen). This is the most efficient way to fast forward the past from your persona, and eventually you will stand revealed.

Cultivating these items in faith, in the knowing that you don’t know, while trusting that the I AM in you does, is the best ingredient for personal peace and also for being the channel of your Spirit to be an effective agent of compassionate change while still in the Matrix. Have you forgotten that you came here to ‘bust systems?’ As you transcend your beliefs, as you transcend your fears, and as you embrace the Reality of You, as One, then you ARE having an effect on EVERYTHING, and you will know when you know what action is appropriate to take, and the Holy Spirit will light a tongue of flame above your head, and the Truth will flow through you to awaken all of us. Now, that’s simple, isn’t it?

Oh, one more thing. Please don’t take any of this too seriously. A sense of humor heals hearts and freezes the mind. After all, it’s only a silly game of croquet.