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Message Subject AJ was on the View today 2-28-11...totally slayed them... anyone see it? Alex
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Praying for Charlie Sheen. So sad that AJ is such a codependent enabler. I like how in the original interview he did with Sheen, Aj kept saying things like "Yeah...like when I was at your house..." "...the other day when I was at your house." "Hey, I spend alot of time with you at your house." It's pretty clear to me he thinks it's ultra cool to be friends with Charlie Sheen...and he wants us ALL to know they're friends. See how cool he is? See how awesome? He thinks it's so cool that he will defend, excuse and ENABLE his "friend's" drug addiction and/or mental health issues. It's called Vanity.

I chuckle that someone said AJ didn't WANT to go on the View. Umm...okay. I guess you also believe his, "infowars.com infowars.com" was strictly to "get the word out" and had absolutely nothing to do with shameless self promotion??

Charlie Sheen is a sad sad example of someone who will probably be dead within 5 years. He has surrounded himself with hangers on who will condone his behavior in order to be seen with him. I think most people would be embarassed to admit that they are friends with someone so messed up, yet AJ not only admits it, he broadcasts it...he's PROUD of it. What does that say about him? Certainly doesn't say much about his character.
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