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Message Subject Mr. Obama Finally Admits..."I was born in Kenya".
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+1 ! Hasn't the Kenyan done enough to be impeached yet??? Congress needs to grow some balls and do it now.

He has always been a fraud but had to have alot of help to pull it off! Fraud is defined as intensionally concealing factual evidence for financial gain. I think hes covered all the bases on that. He is guilty of treason on so many levels. But everyone who is aiding him is guilty too.

It just shows how wishy washy everyone is. He should be immeadiately impeached! And everyone who aided him should go to jail with him. How much more damage do we need to see in this country? To the constitution and the selling out of the americans citizens? Ya see if youve ever fought for this country, this is an outrage that needs to be brought to light. Im so tired of the criminal element in the whitehouse prevailing no matter what we say!!!!
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