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URGENT -Arkansas' State-wide fluoridation mandate bill, SB-359-house voting tommorow March 1st

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 781996
United States
02/28/2011 04:20 PM
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URGENT -Arkansas' State-wide fluoridation mandate bill, SB-359-house voting tommorow March 1st
Despite admission by the Federal Government that American children are being over-exposed to fluoride, and that fluoride's benefits are primarily topical, the Arkansas State Senate passed legislation on Thursday by a vote of 24-7 to force fluoridation on the entire state. This legislation will require cities to add unnecessary, untested fluoride chemicals into the water supply, clearly risking the health of many Arkansas residents.

FAN's Arkansas point person, Crystal Harvey, obtained all of Arkansas' Oral Health Director Lynn Mouden's correspondence regarding fluoridation, using the Freedom of Information Act. They reveal that Delta Dental and the Pew Foundation are funding this mandatory fluoridation campaign using grants. They also reveal that the state spent a significant amount of money sending Director Mouden all over the state to promote fluoride, and that two elite public relations firms were hired to "sell" fluoridation in the statehouse and in the media.

The bill is now in the Arkansas House, and even though the public has not had an opportunity to speak in opposition, Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 1) the full Arkansas Legislature will take their final vote on SB359, "an act to provide for certain water systems to maintain a level of fluoride to prevent tooth decay; and for other purposes".

We need you to take a few moments to send a clear message to Arkansas House members that it's simply wrong to force fluoridated water down citizens' throats, especially without their consent, and using their own tax dollars. If we don't stop it here, then the bill will almost certainly become law.

During our online message campaign to Arkansas Senators, we found that we were having serious technical problems with our online message provider. We are in the process of selecting a new service to avoid this from happening again. In the interim, we ask that you please send a message to Arkansas House members using your personal email accounts. We have set up a link that will take you to our online message for legislators, as well as their contact information. Simply cut and paste the letter content into your email, and the House member email list into your "To" box.

Use this link to send a message to Arkansas State Senators!

Many thanks,

Stuart Cooper

Fluoride Action Network

[link to www.fluoridealert.org]


As a side note, I don't live in Arkansas but I still send messages to these people. And I would advise others to do the same. We're all in this together.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1166366
United States
02/28/2011 04:25 PM
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Re: URGENT -Arkansas' State-wide fluoridation mandate bill, SB-359-house voting tommorow March 1st
Why don't people who WANT flouride, add it to their water?

Or better yet, buy a supplement, and support your cause.

But to contaminate a communities water source should be CRIMINAL!!