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Magic "NDRC" actually be able to predict earthquakes! Accuracy rate of 100%!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1282019
03/02/2011 06:28 AM
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Magic "NDRC" actually be able to predict earthquakes! Accuracy rate of 100%!
Development and Reform Commission, the original of this sector do not have much knowledge, only that research and development of economic and social development policy to guide the overall development of China's economic macro-control departments. I did not expect, now I am actually full of the departments of such infinite respect and admiration, it is not already in my heart of national institutions in general, has long been rising as a sacred, mysterious, God of God Machine Miaosuan horse organizations.

Since last year's at 0:00 on April 13, the National Development and Reform Commission decided to raise the price of oil, 14, 7:49 am, Yushu County, Qinghai Province in China a 7.1 earthquake occurred. October 25, 2010 Development and Reform Commission announced that starting at 0:00 on October 26 raised oil prices, same day, the 7.2 earthquake off Indonesia's Sumatra island and triggered a huge tsunami. December 2, 2010 Development and Reform Commission once again raised the price of oil, 7.4 earthquake took place in Japan. For such data, I had to staggering, is this a coincidence or we have a magical Development and Reform Commission?

The day before yesterday, that is, 20, once again our great Development and Reform Commission announced the increase of oil prices, the news undoubtedly indicates to us that we live on a planet and stomach cramps upcoming events. So, yesterday, one day, we are all chilling in the gall bladder carefully through the war, wake up this morning and found himself still alive and well, our planet is also good, have not heard the news of the earthquake, can not help but change our hair Committee also doubt the divine power, it seems, the NDRC also little wonder, there are not accurate when forecasting, therefore, the worship of the Development and Reform Commission suddenly reduced somewhat.

Lunch break at noon, when the Internet for news, suddenly found New Zealand's local news reports said at 12:51 on the 22nd, New Zealand's second largest city Christchurch Richter 6.3 earthquake. Shocked! So shocked! Development and Reform Commission predicted the same God, success again! Here, I would like to extend my most sacred Development and Reform Commission sincere apologies, I should not raise prices on you the ability to predict earthquakes in doubt, I should trust you a hundred percent. Next time, if you have to raise prices, I will get a message at the first time buy camping tent, I will let you do earthquake rescue efforts. Seismological Bureau, even if we again and again in the near future will not be released to the people the news of the earthquake. I assure you, I do not listen to the Earthquake Administration, I heard you!