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Message Subject ILLUMINATI MASTERS ! .... A Question of "Help".
Poster Handle Bugsy Moran
Post Content
On cursing,
Many Avatars are well versed in brutal language including curses, sometimes strings of curses.
It's been said that the man who was Jesus was filled with rage,was known at times to have a frightening temper, indulged in the wacky weed of the day,drank his wine and his passion included intimate relationships with many a woman.
And he's been said to have had much red in his hair,representing his anger....
It had to be horrific for him as his life/spirit was unfolding,one of his gifts was being clairvoyant and knowing the past and future.
Reminds me of Chinese water torture,drip by drip you begin to know your destiny.
If true, it would explain why he was supposedly missing for 30 yrs.

My point here is we don't know and assuming that if one curses,or drinks,loves sex, eats meat,or whatever that it must mean that they aren't or couldn't possibly be in the process of enlightenment.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1248229

Rather, I thought he came across a huge sum of money. Quit carpentry. And him and Mary Magdalene studied the Egyptian and Hyskos ancestry and Mystery Tradition. They then taught other people Gnosis and protested against the prostitution and money making at the Temple. He had the Authority too, He was a trained Rabbi and was pretty mad at the abuses going on.

The Fool card and Magician Card in Tarot is also Jesus, He was a Magus after initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries,

I kinda know who you are talking about, and he turned his life around and solidified his name in the Bible. But it wasnt Jesus...youre very close though

Moses aka Akhenaten. He didn't so much come into money as inherited a kingdom. Aten (He-who-rises-as-the-sun) came to him in a dream.
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