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Message Subject ILLUMINATI MASTERS ! .... A Question of "Help".
Poster Handle Bugsy Moran
Post Content
"God helps those who help themselves." Do you know this saying?
 Quoting: Bugsy Moran

That is NOT written...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1280029

Your point?
 Quoting: Bugsy Moran

The lord helps he whom helps himself.

I believe is how it is phrased
 Quoting: Jonathan97202 931875

Actually, the Christian bible preaches the opposite. But God is not in the business of helping lazy welfare bums. The government is. (This does not apply to the truly helpless, who God would most certainly stand aside and let get curbstomped.)

People need to realize that God, if he exists, is almost certainly a Neutral entity.
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