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Message Subject ILLUMINATI MASTERS ! .... A Question of "Help".
Poster Handle Bugsy Moran
Post Content

Moses aka Akhenaten. He didn't so much come into money as inherited a kingdom. Aten (He-who-rises-as-the-sun) came to him in a dream.
 Quoting: Bugsy Moran

Yes ! Inheritances and Money allowed many people in the Bible to do great things, People were no different back then, they still had the nine to five grind. There was even a Labor Ready deal where Jesus said the 11th hour workers showed up, Thats Labor Ready even two thousand years ago., Workers show up before dawn and wait for work and to be hired, That must of been a grueling low wage...

But to do their travels and preaching would have required non poverty.

Christians have been lied to with the idea that poverty is somehow Godly and it isnt, A simple non greedy heart is Godly, But sometimes you need sustenance to allow one to do great things.

"God helps those who help themselves." Do you know this saying?
 Quoting: Bugsy Moran

HI Bugsy ! I went out for breakfast,

Yes ! "God helps those who help themselves."

Ive tried all I could. Im a Gifted Ministerial speaker and can enthrall an audience. Ive butted heads with my church however and I told them where to go.. lol. Im a Marketing Commercial Art Prodigy, but I dont want to get into the commercial business of life, I dont think its Godly.

Ive had my thorn in the flesh, no PLANK, what is one to do? The Gods made sure it was uphill salmon run all the way for me, Its like God said, "Do whatever you want with him, only dont take his life"

Ive been reduced to only a suitcase of clothes more times than I can count. Ive had enemies go after me until I was hooked up to an IV within a hairbreadth of my life...Ive had it very rough.. and the Gods made sure Ive suffered plenty, To burn away my ego? I guess so, I have none left. I even care nothing for material pleasures

If I was like the count of Monte Cristo who was finaly released from Prison, and he found the Gold to inherit the Mansion, All he did was sleep on the floor in his mansion, The only thing in his mind was revenge, thats almost my problem, Thats what Ive been near reduced to

"Vengeance is Mine", Says the Lord,

Its all about Revelation..

Monte Cristo was very much like Sergei Nechaev.

"1.The revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no personal interests, no business affairs, no emotions, no attachments, no property, and no name. Everything in him is wholly absorbed in the single thought and the single passion for revolution.

2. The revolutionary knows that in the very depths of his being, not only in words but also in deeds, he has broken all the bonds which tie him to the social order and the civilized world with all its laws, moralities, and customs, and with all its generally accepted conventions. He is their implacable enemy, and if he continues to live with them it is only in order to destroy them more speedily.

3. The revolutionary despises all doctrines and refuses to accept the mundane sciences, leaving them for future generations. He knows only one science: the science of destruction. For this reason, but only for this reason, he will study mechanics, physics, chemistry, and perhaps medicine. But all day and all night he studies the vital science of human beings, their characteristics and circumstances, and all the phenomena of the present social order. The object is perpetually the same: the surest and quickest way of destroying the whole filthy order.

4. The revolutionary despises public opinion. He despises and hates the existing social morality in all its manifestations. For him, morality is everything which contributes to the triumph of the revolution. Immoral and criminal is everything that stands in its way.

5. The revolutionary is a dedicated man, merciless toward the State and toward the educated classes; and he can expect no mercy from them. Between him and them there exists, declared or concealed, a relentless and irreconcilable war to the death. He must accustom himself to torture.

6. Tyrannical toward himself, he must be tyrannical toward others. All the gentle and enervating sentiments of kinship, love, friendship, gratitude, and even honor, must be suppressed in him and give place to the cold and single-minded passion for revolution. For him, there exists only one pleasure, on consolation, one reward, one satisfaction the success of the revolution. Night and day he must have but one thought, one aim merciless destruction. Striving cold-bloodedly and indefatigably toward this end, he must be prepared to destroy himself and to destroy with his own hands everything that stands in the path of the revolution.

7. The nature of the true revolutionary excludes all sentimentality, romanticism, infatuation, and exaltation. All private hatred and revenge must also be excluded. Revolutionary passion, practiced at every moment of the day until it becomes a habit, is to be employed with cold calculation. At all times, and in all places, the revolutionary must obey not his personal impulses, but only those which serve the cause of the revolution."

That is the darkness. Find the light.
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