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Message Subject ILLUMINATI MASTERS ! .... A Question of "Help".
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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And apart from Christ, we are clothed in dirty rags when we appear before God.
If we stand in his presence in our own righteousness, we too will be thrown out.
I wouldn’t trust the best 10 minutes I’ve ever lived to get me into heaven because my good works are not enough!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1280029

Yes ! it is said we ascend naked, then we descend back down with the garments of light !

Well funny thing is my heritage is that... was once clothed in garments of light and descended naked.
God once walked with us in the Garden and talked with us.
Adam was put in a deep sleep and his side was opened and from that wound was brought forth a woman that was to be rejoined to him to become one flesh.
The second Adam (Yeshua) was given a wound in his side and went into a deep sleep, from this wound was brought forth blood and water, a witness, a church, and a bride to be rejoined with him and become one flesh and a new Kingdom.

Baruch HaShem Adonai Yahushua HaMashiach!!!


In the Old Testament man was judged by a tree "of knowledge of good and evil". A cherubim with a sword that goes every way like a flame (the sword = time) guarded Eden. Adam couldn't go back and eat of the tree of life.

Then man was judged by a flood. It rained 40 days and nights and a dove and raven were sent up from the ark. There was a rainbow to show that we would not be judged by water any more.

Then God gave the children of Israel the law which brought condemnation on everyone but Christ. Christ as the end of the law was a sign believers would not be judged by the law again.

Jesus went in reverse through the history in the 5 books of Moses summarized above.

The Law
First Christ obeyed the law in the Torah while living in submission to his parents.

The Flood
Then he went back before the law to the flood of Noah. In the flood it rained 40 days and nights and a dove and a raven were sent up from the Ark.

Jesus went into the water and the holy spirit descended on him like a dove. Then he was led into the wilderness 40 days and 40 nights.
The dove is the holy spirit and the raven is the spirit of Elijah.
Elijah was fed by ravens of the brook during the famine. Elijah was to turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers. In proverbs it said the eye that mocks at his father and despises to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out.
Jesus said that If you care to believe it John is the Elijah to come.
John's baptism has something to do with the raven.

Jesus went backward before the flood to the garden of Eden.
Deuteronomy says, Yahweh Elohim (the Lord thy God), "will circumcise your heart and the heart of your seed to love Yahweh Elohim with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, that you may live." In order to live one must eat of the tree of life. It is in the garden of Eden being guarded by cherubim with a sword.

The Last Supper
"The last supper" is the "Passover" feast where the angel of death passed over the households of Israel. On Passover Jesus and his disciples revisit the original scene in Eden and reverse it.

Adam is played by Jesus. Eve is played by the disciples. The devil is played by Judas. Christ said "One of you is a devil" referring to Judas.

Adam and Eve ate to forget God to become like God. Jesus broke the bread and told his disciples "Eat this in remembrance of me" to remember rather than forget.

Where were Adam and Eve before they ate? They were in a garden being tempted. In reverse Where were Christ and the disciples after they ate? In the garden of Gethsemane during Jesus' time of temptation.

The Bride
Adam went back before Eve was formed.
Adam was put into a deep sleep and his side was opened and a helps meet was made for him from his side.
Christ was put into a deep sleep, death, and his side was opened, and water and blood came out. The bride of Christ is the witness that is said to be of the spirit, water and blood.

The Alpha and Omega
The host, army, of heaven was in place before Adam was formed. Christ takes us to heavenly places but there was a battle in heaven. Christ takes us back to the beginning and where are we? At the end of the scripture the revelation of John the apostle is the description of that battle.

"Of yourself you can do nothing". There was a battle in heaven and in it Satan's people fight for Satan but Jesus fights for his people. All as they can do is seek understanding (standing under), agreeing to truth and be thankful.

In the battle the serpent cast a third of the stars to the earth with its tail. This is who I suspect are the lost are whom Christ came to save. They are lost sheep. Everyone is a sinner but not everyone is lost. Many are comfortable and at home in hell, separation from God, Adam's death. They will be comfortable there until hell and death* are cast into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death.

Hell is separation from God. If we aren't born into it the moment we are conceived in Adam's death than it sure is a likeness of it.

*Adam's death, the first "death" of the first Adam, separation from God and eternal life.

**All motion is defined by a relative stillness. You are still but the person passing you is moving in relation to you. If you go out of earth's atmosphere or to the center of its axis you see that you are moving on a spinning world, spinning defined by its axis which is still in relation to the earth yet is moving in relation to the sun which defines our solar system and sits still in it defining the movement of its planets. If you go outside our solar system you see that the sun is moving in the universe and somewhere there is an ultimate stillness that defines all motion and yet is nothing in itself.

You can take it to another level and look under a microscope and see that little nucleuses are defining the motion around them of electrons and you can detect with other machinery and see that sound is defined by an ultimate silence, lack of sound waves so you see that that ultimate stillness is reflected in all things. In a sense we are all like holograms projected from, defined by nothingness and the nothingness that defines
all matter may be more real than the matter it defines. Surely that which defines what can not define it is greater than that which it defines.

You could take it another direction and say that all stillness is defined by a relative motion. Then you would need something to go faster and faster to define each relative stillness. It has been demonstrated that the faster something goes the slower time gets. If one was to reach the speed where time stopped, matter would cease to exist (at least as we know it) and you would be in that same place of nothingness that defines all things, beyond time and space. In Bible terms it is called "The Kingdom of God that flesh and blood does not enter" or "inherit".

God dwells in that nothingness. God of science, of reality, of truth. Gods kingdom defines all things yet is not defined. Satan, the prince of the powers of the air, is cast out of heaven. Messiah or Christ is the expressed image of the uncreated creator.

Satan can reflect off of all things created but not off of that silence/stillness like Messiah, the expressed
image of the uncreated creator can.


Matter exists only in relationship to time but that something outside of time and matter defines the things within it.
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