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Message Subject ILLUMINATI MASTERS ! .... A Question of "Help".
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Illuminati Masters.

Please Advise, Ive done my White Queen, Red King and my Inner Alchemical Marriage as Im a Magen David.

In the Unity to Unity I replied, "Yes Asclepius and not only God, but all living things. "

Ive done my Astral Luna body and (Inner)Yab Yum Nuptial Flight of Sacred Union, The Mahamundra of Ati Yoga seal and the Thrice Radiant darkness of Ain.

I can supply proof and all charts upon my work for consul as I havent been able to reach my Chart Mentor.

Im asking if it is possible to fail in the Great Work as Im getting tired of un- ending trial and pain with my karmic thorn. Personal Health, etc.... I have students I cant spend as much time with and with heavy heart I see the morals of this world sink into more dross...

The Golden Man I'm attempting to make, The Excalibur of the Spirit Sword and the Comfort of his Grace cannot lift me out of this down time....

Im watching the alignments closely, Uranus Catalyst and its Conjunctions with Jupiter Benefic and wonder when the Sons of God will be called for his Kingdom as spoken of in Romans 8.

If you can all take on the compassion of Chesed upon this Tipareth child...

In the All Holy Abide in Fullness
Wisdom and Love In God
The Deus Omnipotens Magister Artis


Maybe they are the wrong people to be asking. ILLUMINATI? If so illuminated then why is the world in the state it's in? The last people I would ask for help is ILLUMINATI. Sorry but asking them for help is like asking SATAN
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1208613

Were all in this together... Gods Kingdom and the Golden Age is the Goal.
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