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Everyone one in this website is here because your apart of the 144,000 chosen...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 43274845
United States
07/17/2013 08:31 PM
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Re: Everyone one in this website is here because your apart of the 144,000 chosen...

forgive me

my post once again posted itself before I had the opportunity to clear out all the typo's

that's been happening to me frequently of late, though I am not at all sure as to why

again, forgive me please
this is as it should have read, or at least been capable of being read at any rate

sorry to burst your bubble, not that the truth will

however say it I must as per your following comment alone, as the rest which followed is a moot point:

"if our civiliztion is going to survive intact; a Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality must be created."

the point you are cleverly missing with all your mental prowess and surety is, as are all truths, quite simple and not the least complex...

that being that this final frame which will cap the stone of truth overall that's come to pass in this earth Age, has absolutely nothing to do with that which needs to be established... nada

it is quintessentially the reverse of such that holds true in that nothing needs be instituted or "brought to light" by man, as we have been foretold all things and given all truth inclusively. rather what this final frame is about is the tearing down of those things which man has brought forth of himself to the world, those things which are "of the world" are not of the Kingdom of Truth but the doctrines of man, which will never hold a candle to the former things given of God, which are founded in all Truth, Love, and Light

this final frame is about the destruction of satans foothold within this realm, this desperately fallen estate wherein and by man has been led by his Animus (his ego) into believing that all things must be ratified through his sense and sensibility in accord with his own determinations in that regard, which are ideologies founded upon satans foothold within the rational mind, considering it to be the highest plane of note and that arena wherein man can rise to excellencies beyond the known coming into power and authority therewith and by

such is not the case, however

man needs not build or institute a thing, but rather to step away from those things of man and into the former things, being always in vogue, lying silently beneath the hoopla

as mankind continues to attempt to build their "towers of babel" to raise them up above the Omniscience of Truth, they will continually be brought back down to the ground, razed once again, as they will not stand the test of time and eternity for they are not meet to do such

the Revealing that we will witness at the end of this Age will be the removal of all that which is manmade in the philosophies, sciences, and ideologies which have chosen to place themselves above that quiet simple truth which is everlasting, that being that man is man and not God, and any power, authority, Omniscience, or Grace which is extended in his honor and regard will have been earned in equal measure by his humbling of himself before Truth rather than those things constructed within the minds of men

this place is coming down, and every organized thing within it will be systematically RAZED, top to bottom, without exception, without blur. once it begins it will be a continual wave at the end of which the earth as we know it will be utterly changed. at the onset of the Millennium not even the planetary systems within which we are situated will any longer be thus

they weren't created to last, only to serve a purpose until they were retired and let dissolve away

that nourishment from light you now receive from the Sun will be retired for one thing, no longer necessary nor capable of serving the new and very different needs which will be prevalent after the world has been stripped barren and resolved/dissolved into the wasteland that it is in truth, tho now disguised with man made constructs signifying and paying tribute to the god of the Animus himself, lucifer, who has long held the reins to your ruination herein, who will have formally come to the end of his lesson by way of example in this regard by the end of this Age.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18781509
United States
07/17/2013 08:39 PM
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Re: Everyone one in this website is here because your apart of the 144,000 chosen...
I am only here asi am facinated with the guy called anonomous coward. Hoe the hell does he keep up on all these posts.