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Message Subject Everyone one in this website is here because your apart of the 144,000 chosen...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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12. After Christ was on Earth, He illuminated four disciples of His Doctrine, allowing them, in their meditations and ecstasy, to remember His Divine word so that they could bequeath to mankind what their spirits were able to receive through their faculty; these were who you know as Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John.

13. The day will come in which these books will be hurled into the fire, because of their uselessness; that will take place when their essence exists in your heart and you live the law that it contains, but first this last Testament will be incorporated to the two previous ones by means of a struggle, as happened with the First and Second.

31. Today you have ceased to be children and you are able to understand the meaning of My teachings; you also know that your spirit was not born at the same time as the body you possess, and that the beginning of one is not the same as the other.

Those children whom you cradle in your arms, bear innocence in their heart, but in their spirit they carry a past, sometimes longer and more hazardous than that of their own parents. How great is the responsibility of the ones who have to cultivate those hearts so that their spirit may obtain progress along their path!

38. The Sixth Seal is untied and the book opened before you; the lampstand illuminates the Universe, and the Divine Word, symbolised by a tongue of fire, speaks to you from the infinite; it is the voice of the sacrificed Lamb of the Second Era that surprises men, illuminates them, and lifts them toward a life of grace.

51. Do not go forth between doubt and faith, for your footsteps will never be firm nor your determination resolute. Neither should you ask Me for a proof in order to believe, because you do not know in what way My justice will deliver those proofs to you.

59. I do not demand that you be infallible, for I am the only infallible One; what I do ask of you is sincerity and good will in each one of your actions; the rest I will do, to complete and perfect your work, for according to your deeds, thus will be your reward.

[link to 144000.net]
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