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Message Subject Everyone one in this website is here because your apart of the 144,000 chosen...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
73. I bless those who have sacrificed themselves for their fellowmen, those who have relinquished their worldly pleasures to comfort those who suffer. I want your examples to remain recorded in the book of eternity, those which men need in order to arise and follow Me.

74. I am bestowing the light to mankind, because their science will not save them, for they find themselves in the midst of an enraged sea, but I will save those stranded to convert them into fishermen, and I will give them a boat so they will convey hope and salvation to the lost.

75. These will be the disciples of the Third Era, the new fishermen of men, who will have My teaching as a guide, and as an example and stimulant, the life and deeds of My apostles of the Second Era.

79. Like a thief I came into your heart during this Era, surprising some, awakening others, saying to you: "Behold your Master, listen to Him and purify your life so that you may give testimony of My coming, with your deeds." Were it not so, My Word through a human spokesman will be ridiculed and denied. Allow your deeds to inspire repentance in sinners so that their lips, which have known only blasphemy, may pronounce My name with love.

80. I place My Word on your lips so you may save the lost.

81. If men made the Earth into a world of impurity and wickedness, through your efforts and merits, it will be transformed into a world of peace and spirituality, and you will have My assistance in this Work at every moment.

82. Woe to mankind if mercy and charity does not emanate from their heart! Woe to men if they do not come to have a complete understanding of their unrighteous deeds! Their own hand is unleashing upon themselves the fury of the elements and trying to pour upon other nations the cup of grief and bitterness; and when they are reaping the result of their work, there still will be some who will say: - It is a punishment of God! -.

83. I have given you only proofs of love; I sent you to Earth, which was like a fertile, loving, and tender mother; I gave you the fire of life, the wind, which represents the breath of the Creator, and the water, which is fruitfulness and freshness, and you have taken it all to sow destruction and death; everything has been profaned, and it will be even more so. Your rivers will be of blood; your fire will be of destruction; the air will be saturated with the breath of death, and all the Earth will be thrown into convulsion. During that hour of justice many will say to Me: - Lord, forgive me, I had a veil of darkness over my eyes -.

84. I will forgive them, and I will let them know that in this Era, no one harbours darkness in his spirit.

85. As Lord of all Creation, I must exact from you all that was done on Earth; then, you will see how nothing escapes My penetrating gaze, and nothing is erased from the Book of Life.

86. Allow your Master to penetrate into your heart; invite Me to enter your home; allow Me to live with you. These words are for all the people of the Earth. Have compassion for your brethren, and for yourselves, so that you can destroy the threat that looms over humanity. With a speck of goodwill you can manage to obtain peace, even during the most difficult moments.

87. For a long time I have been knocking at your door; recognise that call by its sweetness; do not fall into lethargy for when you finally open, it may be the hand of death that calls.

The times announced by Christ through John His apostle and the prophets, are here. According to man, these times were very late in arriving. On the other hand, I say to you that viewed from eternity, only an instant has passed. Remember that you were told that those who persevered to the end faithfully within My Law of love, would be saved.

Be watchful, pray, and persevere in the virtue of Good, so that you will not be lost in this unleashed sea of passions, desperation, and death. My Divine Law is with you all in the hour of justice; My love accompanies you eternally.

[link to 144000.net]
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