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"UFO hunters" Autec, atlantis.......

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1155690
United States
03/03/2011 07:27 AM
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"UFO hunters" Autec, atlantis.......
So I just saw an episode of UFO hunters, it's based around the Navy version "area 51". It's like any other episode, sightings, little to no pictures, credible eye witnesses. Soon the bring on a remote viewer, I'm no impressed with what he has to say so I just forget about him.
Until, they bring on Maximillian something something...... he's in a nice suit so I'm guessing he's a guy who might know what he's talking about.

Well he goes on to say that Autec is an alien contact center, and that aliens are trading advanced technology to the US (and possibly other governments) in exchange for no interference air traffic of UFO's. He claims that autec is being given the technology to access wormholes, and experiment with time travel.
Then after all of that he claims that autec is built upon a piece of atlantis.

And that atlantis was actually apart of the ancient super continent pangea and that after it had broken up so did atlantis, Maximillian claims there are pieces of atlantis all around the world, but that one of the main pieces is right under autec. Ohh, and Atlantians are aliens.

He also says that atlantis or atleast the civilization that lived upon it emits hydroplasma, I'm not sure why, but it just does.
The UFO hunters asks him what his sources are, Maximillian says that if he were to tell them, that they would never see him again, or anyone else for that matter.

The only problem with Maximillians claims is that atlantis was not part of pangea. Atlantis was a supposed city off the coast of "the pillars of hurcules".
Atlantis was supposed to be at war with athens at the time but had lost the war, soon after atlantis was sunk in one night, by an unknown force.

So not only is Atlantis was not part of pangea, but that Atlantis was not advanced enough to even defeat ancient athens in a war let alone be a advanced alien civilization with the power to control hydroplasma.

What else has UFO hunters kindly left out when talking about UFOS? So lets say they truly didn't know, what ever you do don't believe a word Maximillian says.

Ohh, and don't buy his book, he's a mad man.
(P.S this is not to deny the existence of aliens or autec, just to point out the UFo hunters crews ignorance, and Maximillians madness.)
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1289973
United States
03/10/2011 12:50 AM
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Re: "UFO hunters" Autec, atlantis.......
The fact that you can claim to believe in biblical stories and historians who quite frankly only know and understand what is shown to surface what we ONLY know inside the box. People need to start realizing the outside aspects of the box. It is now coming to believe and know that there were mass amounts of intelligent civilizations in these remote parts of the 25th parallel. Do your research more indepth and throughly. These text books are not telling us the whole stories. We as a race need to continue our exploration as the greats once did. The Christopher Columbus's, the Greek master explorers and many inbetween throughout the Biblical times. P.s...Aztec is no joke folks.
Josh- USMC O311 scout/retired