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Message Subject Aleister Crowley, Aliens, Demons, and 1947
Poster Handle CANT HEAR U!
Post Content
Wow CHU, you sure do come up with good subject matter in your threads(I've noticed that in your other threads too!).......I like it! thumbs
 Quoting: ObeWayneKenobe

I'm just a self-proclaimed Christian that never believes in what I'm told without doing some of my own research. And I'm intriqued by other religions, belief systems, and oh yeah, I really LOVE Conspiricy's!
 Quoting: CANT HEAR U!

You do know the grays declare that they were the first race created by the Anunnaki/Elohim don't you?

Known by the ancients as the Shetii Lizards, according to the claims of Robert Morningsky in his material known as 'The Terra Papers.'

The Mayans in their recorded history make claims as well that there was indeed a first race that rebelled against the slavery instituted by the creator Anunnaki's/Elohim!!

Let us make him who shall nourish and sustain us. What shall we do to be invoked, to be remembered in earth? [b[We have tried with our first creatures, but we could not make them venerate us. So then, let us try to make obedient, respectful beings, who shall nourish and sustain us. (The Maya Popul Vuh)


If it expects or demands worship, it is not divine!!
 Quoting: HardTruth

I will agree with you that his work is interesting, but I feel it's based off loose interpretation my friend.
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